Site Terra: Kate Middleton nose is the most desired

There are no exact figures, but professionals point out that the demand for a nose like hers has grown a lot. “A few months ago, women started coming to my office and asking for Kate Middleton’s nose. It’s become so popular that we put together a file with her photos to show the patients,” said Stephen T. Greenberg of New York, To the newspaper.
At the request of Terra, the plastic surgeon Rodrigo Mangaravite, analyzed the noses of personalities pointed out as donors of the most admired types and shows the characteristics that stand out in each one. In addition, he is professor of the postgraduate course of the 2nd Infirmary of Santa Casa de Misericórdia in Rio de Janeiro and member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aestetic Plastic Surgery, and author of the book What plastic surgery can do for you, gives tips on rhinoplasty.
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