Revista Plástica e Beleza – Rhinoplasty

The negroid nose is characterized by the low back, narinarian wings quite open and wide tip. For these cases, the most suitable is rhinoplasty to leave the face with the most delicate features and improve respiratory function. “The main cause of the features of the negroid nose is the fragility of cartilages, which are very poorly developed. We know that the cartilages that structure the nose are also important in respiratory function, “explains plastic surgeon Rodrigo Mangaravite (RJ).
How it is done: After a careful evaluation, the surgeon will decide if open or closed rhinoplasty is more appropriate. Both are performed under general anesthesia and differ in the place where the incisions are made. In the open, they are made in the columella, a rod that lies between the nostrils, at the tip of the nose, and inside the nostrils, in the shape of the letter “V”. In closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are inside the nostrils, which if they are large in size, will be diminished, or if the shape is the problem, they will be shaped. In both cases, if the nose width is to be narrowed, incisions are made on the outer sides to give the new shape. Finally, the tissues are repositioned and the cut is closed with a few stitches. “As the skin is very thick, the final result can take up to a year, but even despite the swelling, the patient can see a great improvement in the first few days without the dressing,” he adds.
Postoperative Care: The nose is held immobilized with a metal splint and tape for about 10 days. Normal activities can be resumed about 15 days after surgery, and those that can cause trauma (strokes, knocks, etc.) should be avoided for approximately two months.
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