• Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Active member of International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery
  • Active member of International Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery
  • Specialist in Plastic Surgery by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Specialist in Plastic Surgery by the Brazilian Medical Association
  • Professor of Rhinoplasty of the Postgraduate Course of Santa Casa
  • Author of “O que a Cirurgia Plástica pode fazer por você”
“Everyone wants to feel better about themselves, to be more satisfied with the image reflected in the mirror.”
       Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite – Plastic Surgeon

Summarized Curriculum

Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite, author of the book “What Plastic Surgery Can Do For You”, a specialist and member of Plastic Surgery at SBCP, graduated in Medicine from the Souza Marques School of Medicine, completed the residency of General Surgery By MEC at Lagoa Hospital, and in Plastic Surgery at the Plastic Hospital, recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
After finishing his residency in General Surgery and residency in Plastic Surgery Dr. Rodrigo has carried out several tests and scientific works for the main National and International Plastic Surgery Societies, obtaining success and generating several titles of specializations in his curriculum. Throughout his career, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite worked 12 years alongside Dr.Volney Pitombo as his main assistant.


In 2017, he added 22 years of training and the beginning of a brilliant career in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rodrigo is a professor of the Rhinoplasty chair at the Santa Casa Postgraduate course.
Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite is a member and specialist of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) and an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the largest and most respected Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery in the world.
Among the many titles belonging to Dr. Mangaravite are the titular member of the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery, Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and active member of the International Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery.
Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite points to Rhinoplasty, among the many procedures of plastic surgery, as his specialty, of which he is professor of the chair Rhinoplasty in the course of Post Graduation of Santa Casa for more than five years.
This being the specialty considered the most difficult and the most elaborate within the Plastic Surgery, because it requires of the surgeon a deep sense of harmony, knowledge of anatomy and surgical technique. And it is one of the specialty of Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite where it is recognized publicly and in medical means by the competence.
Dr. Rodrigo performs his surgeries with as much attention and calm as possible. By following all of his individualized surgical plan minutely for each patient, using all his studies, resources and all the most advanced surgical techniques to come at the best possible result, as long as this does not happen, surgery is not terminated. Dr. Rodrigo only leaves the surgical center when he is sure that he has reached the maximum desired result.
Thinking about patient well-being, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite only operates in the best hospitals in Brazil. The are:
With several highlights in the press, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite is constantly invited to give interviews, participate and share his experiences in the most prestigious media outlets in Brazil, whether newspaper, magazine or television.
Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite has a large number of patients who come to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to perform surgeries and procedures, patients from outside the State of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brazil. Thinking of improving their comfort, helping, caring and providing tranquility and safety to its patients that the Team of Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite is highly prepared to better serve them throughout their stay in Rio de Janeiro.
It is of utmost importance for Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite to provide personal patient care in the pre- and post-operative period, where, thinking about the safety and success of any aesthetic or surgical procedure, Dr. Mangaravite maintains a fixed team composed of highly qualified professionals . They are:
  • 2 anesthesiologists;
  • 3 plastic surgeons assistants;
  • 1 private nurse;
  • 2 surgical instruments.

Book: What Plastic Surgery Can Do For You

In 2009, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite published the book “What Plastic Surgery Can Do For You“, blending his experience and ability to compose, in a clear and transparent way, a guide with valuable information to make the reader aware of the achievement of a plastic surgery.
The same attention and care present in the patient’s book prompts Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite to dedicate himself to updates on procedures and technical innovations of the specialty, participating annually in the main national and international congresses of plastic surgery, where he is always updated using techniques, the most advanced and modern surgical equipment and materials in the world of Plastic Surgery.