Book: What Plastic Surgery Can Do for You?

This work elaborated by dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite, member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, reflects his concern to inform in a clear and informative way details that should be well known by people who intend to undergo plastic surgery – details that are fundamental in their decision.
It is clear that the demand for a qualified, specialized professional is the starting point. During the consultation, the patients should clear all doubts and obtain all the information possible to decide in a safe way, which is the most appropriate surgical procedure, with the measures and the care that should be adopted in the pre- and postoperative period.
It is verified that the vast majority of the patients that are looking for, bring with them numerous information and doubts regarding the surgeries that they intend to perform, which means from the practical point of view, that the consultation has an extremely positive result.
There is no reason to conceal or disguise the implications of a surgical act, especially in the case of plastic surgery, which involves innumerable details and satisfaction of the result may be tied to purely subjective criteria. Therefore, it is essential to inform the patient about the result that can be achieved with the surgery, bringing the expectation of the same to the real plan.
The way the chapters are divided in a didactic way and the elaboration of a reading text that is pleasant and easily understandable, makes this work an excellent option for the acquisition of ample knowledge that can be extremely useful, at the moment of the consultation and the decision to realize a I dream of plastic surgery.
It becomes clear the duty to inform our patients in an objective and transparent way, which represents the accomplishment of a plastic surgery, the duty of any competent and conscious plastic surgeon – and dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite managed, in a concise but complete and clear way, to transmit in this work, knowledge and fundamental principles for a conscious and safe decision.
Good reading and success in your surgery!
José Y. Tariki – President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery

Bruno Astuto e Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite

André Ramos e Bruno Chateaubriand

Leda Nagle compareceu ao lançamento do livro do Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite

Tati Dyskant, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite e Gisela Amaral

A ginasta Daniele Hypólito e Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite

Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite, a artista plástica Isabela Francisco e o desembargador Luis Felipe Francisco

O Cardiologista Dr. Claudio Domenico e Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite

Dr. Jair de Castro, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite e Sra. Tília de Castro

A atriz Lia Khey também esteve no lançamento do livro do Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite

Bruno Chateaubriand, Dr. Rodrigo Mangaravite e Fabiano Niederauer

Bruno Astuto no Lançamento do Livro

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